What do you know? You're a door.

on Aug, 01 2012

What do you know? You're a door.



One day 2 muslims and hindues they ware walking in the street and contending with each other whoes allmighty is exist in this earth. The Muslim believes that "Allah" is onely one there is no other allmighty after that.But the Hindu believe that their (vogoman) is existing in the world and no other allmighty is there.Than they decided one thing that, both they will prove whoes allmighty is the best.Then they subscribed to high building.

The Muslim said: If your "vogoman" is true than jump down from there and see whether you get back with life or not .

The Hindu said: OK than he jumped down from the high building with the name of her allmighty(vagoman)but coincidently he got back with life ,than the Muslim became confused who is true .

Now the time for muslim to jump*

The Muslim,ok: He got ready and set up his mind to jump down.Before jump he called her allmighty but withen this time he also prayed to (vogoman)in silent, (hai (vogoman) you might also be the best.But he did not get back with life.

His fault was that , he had no believes neither on "Allah" nor "Vogoman".