Well I guess that’s where you were aiming for anyways

on Mar, 28 2012


Buying a Refrigerator

A blonde walks into a store and goes over to look at some
appliances. The salesman walks over and asks if she needs some
help. "I'd like to buy this refrigerator." The salesman replies
"Sorry we don't sell to blondes."

So the blonde goes home and dies her hair brown. She goes back
in the next day and again asks to buy the refrigerator. But
again the salesman says they can't sell to blondes.

The blonde goes home and this time dies her hair red. She walks
in the next day asking for the refrigerator. And again the
salesman tells her they don't sell to blondes.

Finally the blonde asks how he knows she is blonde. The salesman
replies "Because that is a microwave."