Walking with music

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Walking with music


Golf fanatic

This American golf fanatic always dreamed of playing at st. Andrews, and
finally got the chance. Going with his wife, they teed off and he proceeded to
play the best game of his life. After 9 holes, he was 5 strokes under par, and
was on cloud nine. On the back nine, he started playing even better, even
getting an eagle on the 16th hole.

He was so excited that he ended up slicing the shot on the 17th tee, and as he
walked up to it, saw that his ball was behind a small shack for the

Now he started to worry that his score would go up, but his caddy came up to
him and said "sir, this may sound like a tough shot, but if you put it through
that window, the ball should go through the window on the other side, and if
you're lucky, the ball will roll onto the green. The way you've played today, I
think you can make it."

So the guy takes a look and sees that it's a tough shot, but possible, so he
tries it. But his shot just misses the window, hit the window frame, and struck
his wife right in the head, killing her instantly.

Years go by and the man can't forget that horrible day. People he tells the
story to all sympathize with him, but he just has no will to live. But then he
realizes what he must do - face his nightmare!

He travels back to Scotland and plays another round at st. Andrews, and
miraculously, he is playing another stellar game. He starts to feel better about
himself as the round goes on, but when he approaches the 17th hole, he gets so
nervous that he slices his shot to the same damned spot.

As at his ball lying there behind the shack, his caddy says "sir, the way
you've been playing, why not try a trick shot. Some of the other caddies say if
you can get it through that window, it will follow through the one opposite it
and roll onto the green."

The guy says "are you out of your f*****' mind? The last time I tried that I