Google in 2080

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One day, an old woman sat in her rocking chair on her front porch.

Beside her slept her mangy old hound, Rex.

All of a sudden, a genie appears, startling the old crone.

"Old woman," the genie says, "I feel sorry for you sitting here looking old and tired, so I?ve decided to grant you three wishes."

The old woman thinks about it and says, "Well, I?ve always wanted to be a young, beautiful princess."

Poof! The genie turns her into a young, beautiful princess.

The beautiful princess thinks some more and says, "A princess should live in a castle, not a shack like this."

Poof! The shack becomes a huge castle.

The princess thinks a little more, then asks, "Shouldn?t a beautiful princess have a handsome prince?"

The genie looks around and spots Rex. Poof! Rex is transformed into a handsome prince.

Rex, the handsome prince, strolls up to the beautiful princess and kisses her passionately.

She melts in his arms and cries, "Take me Rex! Take me now!"

With a bitter smile, Rex whispers in her ear, "Bet you?re sorry you had me neutered now, bitch!"

Submitted by Curtis
Edited by Glaci and yisman