When Subtitles go wrong - 22 Fails

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Hungry Pet

A woman walks into a pet store and tells the owner, "I'm looking
for something small and furry. I don't want a dog or a cat, I
really want something original, and something with a healthy

The owner says, "I have just the pet for you." He goes into the
back and comes out with a small fuzzball.
"That's it?" the woman asks.
"Yep. It's called a fuzzball. It's cute, one-of-a-kind, and
eats a lot."
"Well, okay," the woman says. She bought the pet and went home.

Once there, she wasn't quite sure how to feed it, or even how it
ate. As an experiment, she put some meat on a dish and set it
beside the fuzzball.
"Uh... Fuzzball, food!" she said, and almost instantly, the
fuzzball rolled to the plate and gobbled up the food.
"Oh, this is easy!" she thought, and left a bowl of water for
her pet. "Fuzzball, water!" she said, and the fuzzball devoured
the water, bowl and all.

Later that day, the woman was tired and sat down on her couch.
She decided to find out how her pet was at cuddling.
"Fuzzball, couch!" she called, but the fuzzball came over and
ate the couch. The woman fell to the floor.

That evening, the woman's husband came home. Once he entered
the livingroom, he was shocked to see the couch missing.
"Honey!" he called, angrily. "What happened to the couch?!"
The woman answered, "The fuzzball ate it."

To which her husband replied, "Fuzzball, my ass!"