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The Top 16 Oprah Book Club Runners Up

16> Yugo Girl: Auto Repair for Empowered Women

15> Rosie O'Donnell Can Kiss My Great Big Rich Ass

14> How to Amuse Your Inner Child By Swallowing Hand Puppets

13> Men Are from Mars, Women Are from -- Ooh, Mashed Potatoes!

12> TV Personalities Who Baffle Men, and the Women Who Love Them

11> Girlfriend, You Are Like, *SO* Co-Dependent!

10> The Clever, Unappreciated Woman Who Never Marries and Dies Poor and Alone

9> You Go, Oprah!: One Author's Desperate Attempt to Make His Mortgage Payments

8> Bad Shrinks, Good Surgeons: Learning to Love the Fat Ugly Loser You'll Always Be

7> You're Not Nearly as Repulsive as You Think

6> I'm OK, You Won't Make as Much in Your Lifetime as I Make During Lunch

5> Harry Potter and the Stunningly Successful, Worldly-Wise, Mature Yet Hauntingly Alluring Talk Show Goddess

4> I'm OK, You're Skanky Roadkill

3> Bridget Jones's Diarrhea

2> Beloved 2: Electric Boogaloo

1> I Know Why the Trapped, Rabid Wolverine Bites Her Leg Off

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