Gun Report Fail

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The Easter Bunny

A man was driving down a road, when all of a sudden, the Easter
Bunny ran out into the road and the man hit it. The man got out
of his car and started crying, for he had killed the Easter
Bunny. "Oh no!" cried the man, "i have killed the easter bunny!
Now no one will be able to get easter eggs on Easter!! And it's
all my fault!" Then a lady drove down the road, and she noticed
the man crying next to his car, so she stopped and got out to
see what the problem was. She walked over and asked,"What's the
matter?" and the man said,"I've killed the Easter bunny and
there will be no Easter because of me!"
She said,"Don't worry!" and she ran back to her car. She came
back with a can of spray in her hand. She sprayed the bunny,
and the bunny leaped up and started to run. Then he stopped and
turned around and waved. Then he started to run again, then he
stopped, and waved again. Then he stopped, turned around, and
waved again. This happened about ten times, and then the man
asked, "What's in the can?" She said, "It's hairspray. It
livens hare and adds permanent wave."