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Witness: The photo is actually from the aluminum factory spill that happened back in October in Hungary. Very toxic.

This article explains

My father received an email from a friend living just outside Budapest with the exact photo about 2 days after the spill. This kitten was photographed in Devecser.

No happy ending. Just source.

Edit: Lots of animals were saved. This one was most likely saved right after said photo.




One day in Sunday school they were learning about death and one
girl asked "How can we reconise if someone has died?" The
man(TEACHER) looked through her bag and said this is a picture
of a dead horse.
Another student asked "Why is its legs in the air?" The
man(teacher) ponderd this and said "I really dont know its just
the way god likes to lift you into heaven." One child looked
rather frightend. The man said "Are you okay dear?" the child
said " My mum almost died this morning and the morning after that
and after that and after that?" the man looked astonished! and
said "How?" The child said "Well i dont know how but she was
shouting "OH LORD! I'M COMING!With her legs in the air" But you
saved her!" The man looked puzzeld and said "did I?" The child
said "Yes you held her down.I should tell my dad that my sunday
teachers such a good doctor."