Bobcat Fail

on Jul, 20 2011 346653 views
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The best agency

To determine the top crime-fighting agency in the country, the President decides to give the CIA, the FBI and the DC Police a test.

Each must catch a rabbit that?s been released into the forest.

The CIA walks into the foliage, places animal informants throughout, and questions all plant and mineral witnesses.

After three months of extensive investigation they conclude that rabbits do not exist.

The FBI heads into the brush, and after two weeks without a capture, they burn the forest down, killing everything in it, including the rabbit.

They make no apologies, after all the rabbit deserved it.

The DC Police head into the forest and return two hours later with a badly beaten bear.

"Okay, okay, I?m a rabbit, I?m a rabbit," the battered bear yelled as it was dragged to the car.

Submitted by Curtis
Edited by Calamjo