Terrorist Attack At Karachi,PNS Mehran

on May, 22 2011 1064 views

Battle with militants rages on at PNS Mehran Base in Karachi

At least 10-15 militants stormed the PNS Mehran Base near Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi on May 22, triggering explosions and gunbattles three weeks after the US killing of Osama bin Laden. –Photo by AFP



Making rubber gloves

A dentist I know recounts sharing this story with an elderly lady, just as he was putting on his rubber gloves:"Do you know how they make these rubber gloves?"She said, "No.""Well," he spoofed, "down in Puerto Rico they have this big building set up with a large tank of latex, and the natives walk up to the tank, and dip their hands in -- and then walk around for a bit while the latex sets up -- then they peel off the gloves and throw them into the big 'Finished Goods Crate' and go around again."She didn't laugh a bit.Five minutes later, during the procedure, he had to stop working on her teeth because she burst out laughing.She explained, "I just suddenly thought about how they must make condoms!"