The first Gay Caveman!

on Apr, 08 2011 9556 views

Ok, so I thought Gay culture had just recently evolved for the past few centuries. But looking at this news by AOL, I was wrong.

The archaeologists During the Copper Age 5,000 years ago, men were traditionally buried facing the west, along with weapons and knives. But archaeologists in the Czech Republic say the skeletal remains of the newly discovered caveman were found facing the east, along with household items like water jugs and pots, funeral rites almost always reserved for women in the region during that time.



Llega un gangoso a una

Llega un gangoso a una carnicer?a:

"Ghuenhos dhias."

"Buen d?a se?or, ?qu? se le ofrece?"

"Hun khilhlo dhe mahujhanho."


"Unkhilho dhe mahujhanho."

"No le entiendo se?or."

"hun khilho dhe mahujhanho pha dharlhe ha hun pherhfhorhd."

"Disculpe pero no le puedo vender nada si no le entiendo."

"Se marcha el gangoso, pero el carnicero decide contratar a un gangoso para poder vender a ese tipo de gente. Regresa el gangoso a los dos d?as."

"Ghuenhos dhias."

"Buen d?a, perm?tame."

"Le habla al colega."

"Bhuenhos dhias."

"?bhuenhos dhias!"

"Mhe dha hun khilhlo dhe mahujhano."

"Mmm nho hay."

"Ghazhias." (se va)

"?Ah! ?cabron!, ?le entendiste?"


"?Y qu? quer?a?"

"?Hun khilho dhe mahujhanho!"