Happy New Year: Epic Firework

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Good with a beard

There was this lady who was sexually frustrated and had tried to get her husband sexually stimulated but nothing seemed to work.

She tried sexy lingerie, toys, etc., etc., but had no luck.

So, one day she asked her friend what she should do, "It's really annoying me now! He's just not up for it. He's always out down the pub with the lads. What can I do?"

Her friend suggested, "Well, if he's always out with the lads why don't you give him an extra tenner so he enjoys himself even more and then he'll come home and thank you appropriately."

So the woman tried this and this is what happened on his return:

Man: Take Your clothes off!

Woman thinks: Whoa! This is working!

Man: Stand on your head!

Woman: Ooohh Kinky!!!

Man: Spread your legs apart!

Woman thinks: This has really worked, give it to me!

The man then gets a small mirror and places it in between her legs.

Woman thinks: This is a new one!

Man says: You know, the lads were right, I would look good with a beard!

Submitted by Calamjo
Edited by Curtis