Happy New Year: Epic Firework

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True blonde?

A blonde walks into a bar, the guy at the counter says to her, "Are you a natural blonde?"

"Why, yes, I am", says the blonde.

"Can you prove it?" asks the guy.

"How do you propose I do this?", asks the blonde.

"Well, pull down your pants & I'll be able to tell, if you're a natural blonde, you're 'hair down there' will be blonde as well ." states the guy.

The blonde thinks about it for a minute, looks at the guy & says, "O.K., I will"

She pulls her pants down & is covered in thick, black hair.

The guy laughs & calls her a liar.

She asks him to do her a favor now.

"Place your thumb on the counter, I have a point to prove." She says.

The guys laughs again, rolls his eyes, and places his thumb on the counter.

The blonde hits his thumb as hard as she can with a beer bottle, it immediately bruises.

The guys jumps up & asks her, "What the hell was that for?"

The blonde smiles, and says, "Look, and that was only banged once."

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