Beautiful and Amazing Butterflies

on Dec, 28 2010 16255 views

One particular place to find amazing colors in nature is the Butterfly and lucky for us there are 17,500 species of butterflies in the world.

They use their bright colors to ward of predators by tricking them into thinking they are poisonous (some actually are) or by camouflaging themselves into plants or bigger insects.





Snake lights and bushes

once there was a boy who wanted to take a shower wit his dad so he asks the dad and the dad said ok as long as u dont look down so the boy agree's and they get in the shower and the boy looks down and says dady dady whats that the dad says that is his snake so the boy gets out and see's his mom about to get in so he ask's her if he could go in the shower wit her and she says ok as long as you dont look up or down so the boy says ok and him and his mom go in the shower and he looks up and says momy momy wat are those she says those are my head-lights so the boy says ok and looks down and says momy momy what is that she said that is her bush so the boy says ok. Later that night the boy see's his mom and dad about to go in bed and the boy says can i come in to they said yes as long as you dont look under the covers so the boy says yes i wont but of corse he does and the boy says "MOMY MOMY TURN ON YOUR HEAD-LIGHTS DADY'S SNAKE IS GOING FOR YOUR BUSH!