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top 10 signs you are a chem engineer:

10.You attempt to explain entropy to strangers at the table
during a casual dinner conversation

9. You explain surface tension to your child when he asks why
you add oil while boiling spagetti

8. You explain your position as being a 'oasis of knowledge in a
vast desert of ignorance'

7. When people around you yawn, you think it's because they
didn't get enough sleep

6. You have a favorite pump manufacturer

5. Your family has no idea what you do at work

4. you consider cuddling an unproductive application of heat

3. If you see a design, sufficient for its pupose, but still
must change it and profess that the person who made it was a
complete idiot

2. You can have no pulse, but still be alive

1. You can perform triple integration and do so to solve even
the most basic problems