Rest is not Idleness

on Dec, 15 2010 111178 views

Rest is not idlesness, and to lie sometimeson the grass under the trees ona summer's day, listening to themurmur of water, or watching the cloudsfloat across the skyis by no means waste of time.

-john lubbock


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Frequently, I get a strip

Frequently, I get a strip of coupons or other
promotional items from a little printer at the
checkout of my local grocery.

Coupons emerge as a thank-you for purchasing a
product, or based on some other derived data.

Yesterday, after buying a couple pints of Ben &
Jerry's Ice Cream (my favorite bad-for-me snack
food), I got the following checkout coupons in

Save 55c on Two(2) Pints Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Free High Cholesterol Survival Guide