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The Most epic Parenting Fail to Date! Must see


The Top 15 Quotes We Wish Were in the "Lord of the Rings" Movies

15> "Say my name, dwarf!"

14> "Look, Sam, my name isn't *Mr.* Frodo -- it's Frodo. Mr. Baggins if you're nasty."

13> "You had me at 'Aiya vanima.'"

12> "Nice work killing that Orc, faithful friend, but still it twitches. Slay it again, Sam!"

11> "I. Don't. Like. The. Leggings. Drying. On. The. Rod!"

10> "It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that ring... doo-wah-tee-wah, doo-wah-tee-wah, doo-wah-tee-wah!"

9> "Brethren of Gondor, we are gathered here to join Arwen Evenstar and Aragorn, son of Arathorn, in holy matrimony. Frodo, do you have the ring?"

8> "Elvens have left the building."

7> "Attention, audience: Fair Arwen is speaking, so you may all relax, as nothing important will take place. The next 10 minutes would be an excellent time to go pee."

6> "Legolas my Eggolas!"

5> "Go not by that path, Aragorn! For my young companion Osment sees dead people!"

4> "Smeagol, do you like movies about gladiators?"

3> "You sure you ain't never been just a wee bit curious, Mr. Frodo?"

2> "Ha! Let the dark armies of Saruman come! It would take an entire brigade of giant mutant four-tusked elephants to conquer our... well, son of a bitch!"

1> "Run, forest, run!"

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