Unfortunate placement

on May, 23 2012

Unfortunate placement


The Top 15 Things Ovepheard at Playboy's "Women of Starbucks" Photo Shoot

15> "Let's get movin' people! We've got over 700 local Starbucks to hit today."

14> "Now that's what I call a mug shot!"

13> "Damn! That's the fifth nipple we've scalded today!"

12> "I don't care what you say. You won't find a set like these on every corner."

11> "Can we get a few teabags for the UK edition?"

10> "This time, grind a little."

9> "Uh, sweetie? Hold the coffee higher -- your left breast is beginning to melt."

8> "My turn-ons? Let's see: Nervous jitters, stained teeth and that sucking sound the cappuccino machine makes."

7> "Is that a tattoo of Juan Valdez?"

6> "Oh, man, she's HOT! Better put a cardboard sleeve around her waist."

5> "Those with 'real milk' over here, those with 'artificial creamers' over there."

4> "Man, talk about 'grounds' for divorce."

3> "Oooookaaay... let's try it again, this time without the nose ring and feminist poetry."

2> "Hopefully, this issue will do better than the 'Boys of Krispy Kreme' spread in Playgirl."

1> "My measurements? Venti, tall, venti."

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