Transporting a long pipe like a boss.

on Aug, 12 2012

Transporting a long pipe like a boss.


Hary moma

yo mama is so hary she has afros on her nipples!

yo ama soooo hary when u were born u got rug burn!!!

yo mama sooo hary when she sees a bear she sings we r family!!!

yo mama soooo ugly that a blind man wouldnt have sex with her!!!

yo mama sooo ugly she makes the blind kids cry at the daycare!!!

yo mama so stupid she put a batery up her but and yelled ive got the power!!!

yo mama like a door nob every one get a turn!!

yo mama like a matress shes always laid!!!

yo mamas like block buster every one goes home happy!!

yo mama like a biycecle every ones riding her!!!

yo mama like a drum shes getting baned 24-7 !!!

yo mama sooo dumb when i said christmas is around the corner she went looking for it!!!

yo mama soo ugly she had to tie a steak to her neck to take the dog for a walk!!!

yo mama like a bowling ball she get picked up fingered and laid and always comes back for more!