This is.. wordless

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This is.. wordless


The Top 15 Alternate Taglines for Anna Kournikova's New Sports Bra

15> Losing Never Looked So Great!

14> Endorsed by the Entire Russian Olympic Hockey Team

13> Hey, Guys -- Buy My Bra and I'll Be Left Without One!

12> Love 38s!

11> Soon to Be Sold to Some Pudgy, Sweaty Pervert on eBay

10> Hold Up *Your* Sagging Career

9> A Lovely Case for the Only Trophies *You'll* Ever Have to Show Off

8> As Close as You're Ever Going to Get to My Rack, Dorkboy

7> Crap. If This Thing Works, I Got Nothin' Left

6> Because Two Bouncers Might Show You the Door

5> Just Tell the Sales Clerk It's for Your Girlfriend, You Little Perv

4> Support Can Be Sexy -- Just Ask Your Boyfriend, Who's Masturbating to My Catalogue Right Now

3> Available in Small, Medium and Serena

2> Anna 1, Anna 2...

1> Supporting the Troops on the Russian Front

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