This is.. wordless

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This is.. wordless


It's April first and a guy is sitting in the...

It's April first and a guy is sitting in the hospital
waiting for his wife to have their child. The nurse comes
out and tells the man there have been some complications
and it will take longer than expected.

Five hours later
the nurse comes out holding his baby. He gets up and exclaims
"Can I hold my child?" When he is just reaching for the baby
the nurse grabs the kid by the leg and starts swinging him
around the room; smashing his bloodied body on the floor.
She then rips off his arm and procedes to beat the childs
face into a twisted bloody pulp. Then she slams the baby
in the door until his body is almost cut in half.

The man runs over and shouts, "What the fuck are you doing to my baby!"

The nurse simply says,"April fools it was already dead."