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The whole gang with the stylist.

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“The Tunnel Bar is built underground in an old pedestrian tunnel. The arched stone walls, sleek bar, and big, comfy chairs make it the ideal place for a classy evening out. I’d kill to go back there.” —submitted by Bergin Smith, Facebook

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A practical medicine exam. The first co-ed walks in.

- Spit here. How, take the microscope and tell me what that is?
- It's sperm, professor.
- You flunk!!! Next!
Next students walk in and the same question with the same sample is asked.
Those answering "Spit" get "A", those saying "Sperm" get "F". After the last
student has gone, professor decides to look at the sample himself. He finds a
chunk of sperm, runs out of the room, and cries to the last student:
- It's sperm! Those who had "A" will have "F", those with "F" get "A" and tell
that first student to brush her teeth in the morning!