The Very Real Reasons Why Having A Baby Sounds Terrifying
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Oooh motherhood, it can be wonderful time during your life. However, initially it sounds pretty frightening right? Take a look at these reasons as to why it might scare you just a little.

Witty Quotes From Famous People Throughout History
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Just because they were born in a different time doesn't mean they didn't have a sense of humor or know how to deliver bone chilling burns (if that makes sense).



Lovely Sculptures Of Urban Art That Make The World A Better Place
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The city can be a cold, bland, and lonely place sometimes. However, thanks to these artists they have used the cityscape to bring colorful art to the city!

Men Hilariously Take On The "Makeup Transformation" Photo Trend
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Now men are getting in on the action, too. However, if you look closely you will notice that these just look a little different...

Unusual Bus Stops You'll Actually Want To Wait At
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Usually, waiting at the bus stop can be super boring and bland. However, around the world there are some creative and fun bus stops that make the wait worth it.

Bears Being Silly By Acting Like Humans
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Bears doing human things is exactly like it sounds... bears acting like humans! It's pretty adorable and remarkable how human like they can act.

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