Spot What Is Wrong With These Pictures
Posted On 09/15/2014

Can you tell us what is wrong in the following pictures?

This Week's Amazing Pictures To Kick Start Your Monday
Posted On 09/15/2014

These Cute Kids Who Wrote The Most Honest Notes Ever
Posted On 09/15/2014

The honesty from these kids will give you a shocker!

Perfectly Creative And Cute Tiny Tattoos
Posted On 09/15/2014

You have seen big and amazingly designed and enlarged tattoos on people's wrists and necks. Here is a different take on tattoo design. Simple, minimalistic and cute.

Amazing Pieces Of Art Using Wood By Nairi Safaryan
Posted On 09/15/2014

It is amazing what Nairi can do with these wood pieces and turn them into fine works of art. 

Animals Who May Have Hit The Bong Too Hard
Posted On 09/15/2014

These animals might have been around a little green smoke for way too long. They might need a moment to calm down.

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