Stupidity lvl. over 9000

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Stupidity lvl. over 9000


What's a pussy?

Junior, curious about some words he saw on the bathroom wall asked, "Mom, what's a pussy?"

Mom remained calm, showed him a picture of a cat and said, "That's a pussy, son. A pussy is a kitty cat."

"What's a bitch, then?" inquired the precocious little tyke.

Mom got the dictionary out and said, "See, the dictionary says a bitch is a female dog."

Not satisfied, he asked his father what a pussy was. Pops dutifully trotted out a girlie mag from his sock drawer, drew a circle around the genital region and said, "That's a pussy right there, son. And a fine specimen it is, too."

"Well, what's a bitch, then?" asked Junior.

"That's everything outside the circle."