Standard Precaution

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Standard Precaution


Dad sends his boy to store

One day dad sent his 5 year old sun to the store for a cocker spaniel,butter and a bucket. So he goes to the pet store and says I need a cockitspanket,a what a cockitspankit,oh you must mean a cocker spaniel,yea yea sure whatever. So he goes to the store and says i need some butt, what,some but.Oh you must mean some butter.Yea yea sure whatever.So he goes to the hardware store and says I need a fucket,a what,a fucket, oh.You must mean a bucket.Yea yea sure whatever.So while hes walking outside his cocker spaniel runs away and the boy runs into this hobo and says hold my but and fucket while I get my cockitspankit.