Sleeping... and suddenly!

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Sleeping... and suddenly!


The Top 17 Other Teen Bumper Stickers

17> The Guy on My Fake ID Is an Honor Roll Student

16> Hwz My Drvg? Txt Me ;=)

15> I'd rather be downloading porn

14> I totally nailed your honor student daughter last weekend -- STILL proud?

13> WWJ.LoD?

12> American by Birth, Goth by the Grace of Lucifer

11> I watch "American Idol"... and I vote!

10> My Teen Is an Honor Student at the Betty Ford Clinic (Osbourne family only)

9> Honk If Your Piercing Infected Your Tattoo

8> How's my applying-eyeliner-while-balancing-the-wheel-with-my-elbows, talking-to-Felicity-McIntyre-on-my-cell-about-whether-ohmigod!-Jimmy-Anderson-really-likes-me?

7> If You Can See the Zits on My Forehead, You're Too Close

6> Do Not Tailgate -- Your Daughter May Be Under the Steering Wheel

5> They're called subwoofers, Gramps

4> White Suburban Teen Who Thinks He's an Inner-City Rapper on Board

3> Am I Hot or Not? Call 1-800-4 R KELLY

2> Objects in Driver's Sweater Are Larger Than They Appear

1> My Other Parents Let Me Drive Their Porsche

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