Probably the best scene from the Avengers

on Jun, 10 2012 1986 views
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A physicist, an engineer, and a mathematician...

A physicist, an engineer, and a mathematician were all zapped up by a UFO
and studied by the aliens. One of the situations given was that the three
men were placed at one end of a long hallway and a nubile, young, nude
woman was at the other. The men were told that a bell would ring at a
constant interval. Within that interval, they were allowed to move half
the distance from wherever they stood to the woman. If they went too far
or didn't go far enough, a laser would shoot them dead. At the first bell,
the engineer took off. The mathematician and physicist tried to tell him
that there was no way he could make it to the woman. The engineer replied,
"Sure, but soon I'll be CLOSE ENOUGH!"