Photobomb Level: Dogballs

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Photobomb Level: Dogballs


Be careful what you wish for...

There were 3 girls they were best friends. All of then were sooooooooo ugly that when you look at them you run away! One day the 3 girls were hiking in the forest when they saw a magical lake. There was an old man sitting on top of the rock and he told the girls that the lake was magical. ??Say whatever you want and jump into the lake, and you will become that person?? said the old man. ??But beware once you change you can never change back?? warned the old man. The first girl says Jennifer Lopez and jumps into the lake and when she came out of the lake she looked like Jennifer Lopez, the second girl said Kristin Kruek and she became Krstin Kruek and the third girl was so excited she tripped on a branch and cried out ??shit?? then she became a?K SHIT