Pew Pew Kitteh

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Pew Pew Kitteh



These 3 men were traped on a burning building and out popped a magic guy. He said that they could each make a wish to get off but they have to do some of the work to. One of the men was a Chinees guy. He went first. He wished he could turn into a hawk...His wish was granted. He flew off the buildidng uninjured. Another guy was an African person. He wished he was a eagle...His wish was granted too. So he flew off the building also uninjured. The last person was an American blonde guy. He was walking towards the end of the building about to make his wish when he tripped on a rock....He fell off the building and said,"Ohh crap!!""...........and you guessed it! He turned into crap and fell down!
what a sad sad sad story