Person is typing... Person is typing...

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Person is typing... Person is typing...


The Chinese Workman

A building contracter hires an Englishman, an Irishman, and a Chinaman. He
gathers them all in his office and tells each of them their jobs. The Englishman
to shovel a pile of sand. The Irishman has to take the sand in the wheelbarrow
to the truck. The Chinaman is in charge of supplies.
The boss comes back two hours later and he sees the Englishman and the
Irishman having a cup of tea. ''So have you done the work then?'' he asks.

The workers both shake their heads and tell him that the Chinaman didn't give
them a shovel or a wheelbarrow. The boss is infuriated by this and asks the
workers if they have seen the Chinaman, they tell him they thought they saw him
going toward the truck. So the boss sets out towards the truck and just as he is
getting close to the truck the Chinaman jumps out from behind a wall and yells,