People actually ask this in on FB?

on Apr, 09 2012


Ho Chee!!

A businessman is on a high profile trip to Japan to meet a very prestigious client. For him this is the deal of the century, he does not want to mess it up. This deal could really put his company on the map. Bearing this in mind he flies over a night early so he can get his head together and prepare for the big meeting in the morning. As he checks into the hotel he notices some stunning oriental girls hanging around the reception but doesn't give it a second thought. When he's settled in his room with everything prepared for the morning he decides to order from room service a little night-cap.

As he browses the menu he realises the girls in the reception are on the menu as well. He thinks to himself, it has been a long time since he's been with a woman. He been so wrapped up in his work lately there's been no time for relationships. Also it would put a spring in his step and put him in a better frame of mind for the following days events. After studying the menu he orders a scotch and coke and a girl called Melissa. Well it's not long before there down to business and he hasn't lost any of his magic. He's giving the performance of a lifetime he's got the girl practically screaming. As she bites her lip she shouts out in Japanese "Ho chee!, Ho chee!". Wow! She's loving it. Once its all over he pays the girl and goes to sleep satisfied and kinda proud that he still got what it takes.

The following morning he's up bright and early to meet the client. He was expecting a high pressure board meeting but is pleasantly surprised to discover that he shall be conducting business during a round of golf, how civilised. During the round he is discussing his product with Mr Meagi the CEO of Japans largest corporation.

Everything is looking very favourable and he's sure he's clinched the deal. On the 18th hole Mr Meagi plays a fantastic shot and gets a hole in one from over 500 yards. Knowing that this is his last opportunity to praise the man the businessman he gives it his best shot. The whole days business has been conducted in English and as a gesture of respect the businessman decides to try and congratulate the man in Japanese.

He wracks his brains and remembers what the hooker was screaming last night. (She was truly impressed) So he says to Mr Meagi "Ho chee Sir, Ho chee".

To which Mr Meagi furiously replies "Wot you mean wong hole?"