Overpowering fluffy giant!

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Overpowering fluffy giant!



Two bees meet at a local rosebush.First Bee: You look horrible -- emaciated. Have you been getting enough to eat?Second Bee: I know. Haven't been lucky. I'm practically starving.First Bee: Hey! There's a Bar Mitzvah just a couple of hundred yards down the road. They always have plenty of flowers & a lot to eat. Try thereSecond Bee: OK. I'll see what I can find (off he flies)The following day they meet at the same rose bushFirst Bee: Hey, you look a lot better. Did you find the Bar Mitzvah?Second Bee: Yea! Boy what food!First Bee: Hey, what are you wearing on your head?Second Bee: Oh, that's a yarmulke. I didn't want those Jews to think I was a WASP