One in a Million

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One in a Million


The Top 15 Reindeer Games

15> Strip poker with Santa's granddaughter 14> Attach the Mistletoe to Santa's Ass 13> Spin the Salt Lick 12> Crapping down the chimneys of non-believers 11> Moose or Dare 10> Flying into the 'No Fly Zone' over Iraq just to watch Saddam do a slow burn and Santa dampen his Depends 9> Bait-and-Shoot Elmo 8> The Annual Turn-Frosty-Yellow-from-50-Paces Contest 7> Scare the Holy Crap Out of the Airline Pilot 6> Convince the Elves to Eat 'Raisinets' 5> Pin the Tail on Santa's Big Fat Animal-Abusing Ass 4> Hide the Venison Sausage with Vixen 3> Elf Tossing 2> Sniff the Tail on the Donkey 1> The 'Rudolph the Shitfaced Reindeer' Drinking Game