Now you're just a country...

on Jul, 29 2012

Now you're just a country...


Fun at 100 MPH

A young couple was out carousing one evening. While driving down the highway the guy asked his girlfriend, ''If I go 100 miles an hour, will you take off all of your clothes?'' She agreed and he began to speed up. When the speedometer reached 100 she started to strip. When she got all her clothes off, he is so busy staring at her that he drove off the road and flipped the car over. The girl is thrown clear without a scratch, but her clothes and her boyfriend are trapped in the car. ''Go get help,'' he pleaded. She replied, ''I can't, I'm naked.'' Looking around, he pointed to his shoe that was thrown clear and said, ''Cover your crotch with that and go get help from the gas station down the road.'' She took the shoe, covered herself between the legs, and ran to the gas station down the road. When she arrived she was frantic and yelled to the attendant, ''HELP! HELP! My boyfriend's stuck!'' The attendant looked down at the shoe covering her crotch and replied with some astonishment, ''I think he's too far in!