Now that's marketing

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Now that's marketing


Nudist colony

An old man, Arthur, is in his 50's and he has decided to join up
2 a nudist colony. He's walking in past reception in his
birthday suit and cap and he see's the most beautiful woman with
a perfect female figure and beautiful breasts, then his old
fella does his salute. Arthur is left blushing and the woman
asks him "excuse me sir are you new?" to which Arthur replies
"why yes I am." The lady told him that if he got an erection
that they would have 2 have sex, so after having sex with the
woman Arthur thought that this was the best place on earth.
A few minutes later he's in the steam room when he farts, hoping
that noone heard him but as he turned he saw a man who came over
to him and asked "excuse me sir did u just fart?" to which
Arthur replied "why yes I did." Before he knew it Arthur was on
the ground and being fucked up the ass by this big guy. Arthur
is disgusted and walks 2 the front guest, the receptionist asks
"what can I help you with sir?" Arthur tells her that if that's
what happens on a daily basis then forget it. I'm old I can only
get it up 3 times a day while I fart at least 15 times a day.