Now, that is a true Troll

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Now, that is a true Troll


Monkey Tail in the Cognac

The scene: a posh bar, velvet draperies, pianist playing a soft jazz in the background. A patron orders a cognac. The waiters brings him one and, no sooner has he left the drink on the man's table that a little monkey runs from one end of the bar, jumps on the table, dips his tail into the man's cognac and leaves as quickly as he appeared."Strange..." thinks the man. "This is quite unexpected. It's actually sort of funny. No big deal. I'll just order another one." So, he orders another cognac. Almost immediately, the monkey comes back in a flash, dips his tail and runs away"Well, once is barely funny. Twice is wearing thin on my sense of humor." Still, he decides to order another one anyway. Of course, as soon as the waiter leaves the table, the same thing happens again. Angrily, the man gets up and walks to the pianist, who was playing lazily next to him and says, "Do you know the little monkey who dips his tail in my cognac?""Why, no." Says the pianist. "But if you hum me a few bars I can play it for you."