My friend got into her sister's facebook...

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My friend got into her sister's facebook...


Things to Do on an Airplane

- When the flight attendant asks you if you would like some
peanuts, say, "Whoa! slow down there! we barely know each other!"

- Yell "Fire in the hole!"

- Ring for the flight attendant and then ask "are we there yet?"

- When it's sleeping time, after a while, see if you can go to
every row and open up the windows.

- Call for an all-out food fight and see if you can get people
to join in.

- When eating, ask the stranger next to you, "Are you gonna eat

- Before going to the bathroom, ask the flight attendant if the
bathroom is (make up a word) like "is this bathroom
intersaniable?" Or "is this bathroom non malapated?"

- When watching the movie, change the sound channels of the
stranger next to you without him noticing.

- Yell "There's something on the wing!!!"