Motorbike Wheelie Goes Wrong

on Apr, 16 2012 2033 views
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Lolly pop man

A mexican a black guy and a white guy ran away from home and found a place to stay. The only rule was that they could not go in the basment. On day 3 they went down in the basment. There were alot of dicks taped to the walls the three boys ran up the stairs but the man cought them on the stairs and sayed "you went in the basment". The three boys started saying that they wouldent tell but he shut them up then sayed "now i have to take yours to. He asked the black guy what his father did as a job he sayed "a lumberjack" the guy said he would have to saw his off. then he asked the white guy he said a hair cutter so he would have to cut his off. Then the mexican started laghing the guy said "what is so funny" then the mexican said "my dads the lolly pop man so you can just come overhere and suck mine off".