Morbid for politicians.

on Jul, 23 2012

Morbid for politicians.


Heven sakes

these three girls got ran over and go to heven.when they got there they saw ducks every where.
there was this sign that said"DO NOT STEP ON A DUCK OR FACE THE CONCEQUENCES!!!"one of them thought no one will find out so she stepped on one and this angel said now you will be hooked onto this ugly guy for your whole life. so he puts this chain on her and this ugly guy.
the second one tried to get something to eat but she stepped on a duck.she got hooked on another ugly guy.
the third one thought if you sit there you could get a prize for not stepping on a duck. she sat there and the angel came to her. she thought she got a prize with the hottie guy coming over there.
she was happy but the angel said no your the ugly one.