Mom I have a good news!

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Mom I have a good news!


Compliment Her

There are these two highschool boys at the prom. The first one says to the other.."My dates really hot and wants to go out to my car, but I'm afraid I'll screw it up"His friend tells him"Don't worry! Just compliment her. Girls love compliments."He says ok and leaves. About 15 minutes later he returns rubbing a black eye."What happened! Didn't you say nice things to her?""Yea, I did, but it didn't work.""What did you say?""When we first got in the car, we started kissing. I told her that for such full lips, they sure were sweet. She liked that. Then I started feeling her tits. I told her that for such large breasts, they sure were firm. She really liked that.Things were going really good then. I got her skirt up and panties off and told her, for such a large crack, it sure didn't stink much. Then she hit me!"