Just F. the World!

on Jun, 26 2012

Just F. the World!


21 Blondes Gone

A blonde is driving down the road when she sees a brunette on the side of the road shaking her head and going "21! 21! 21!". The blonde then gets out of her car and walks up to the brunette and goes "That looks like fun! Can I try?". So she goes and stands by the brunette and starts shaking her head and going "21! 21! 21!". Then the brunette says to the blonde, "You know, its probaly funner to do that in the middle of the road.". So the blondes walks into the middle of the road and shakes her head and says 21. Then a car comes along and hits her and the blonde dies. The brunette then shakes her head and goes "22! 22! 22!".