Just F. the World!

on Jun, 26 2012

Just F. the World!


3 holes in the wall

There once was this man who wanted a hotel room.
he went to the nearest Holiday Inn.

The clerk there said, "Alright this is your room.
The sink is there, dial 9 to get out of
the hotel.
But whatever you do..."

"What?" the man asked.
"Don't stick your cock in the 3 holes in the wall
over there!" the clerk warned.

"Fine!" the man said.

The man went to bed that night, but couldn't sleep
wondering about those holes.

He stuck his cock in the first hole and felt an unusually
pleasant sensation, and in all is excitement, stuck it in the
second one, which felt even better than the first.

He then stuck it in the third one, and it was the most painful
one of

It hurt so bad, he passed out.

He woke up to the clerk slapping him.
"Wake up!"

"What happened?" the man asked.

"You stuck your cock in the wall, didn't you?" the clerk asked.

"Yeah," the man responded, "what was in the holes? The first two
were good, but the third one hurt like a bitch!"

The clerk responded, "Well, in the first hole was a dog's ass,
the second hole was my wife, and the third hole was a milking
machine that doesn't stop until 20 gallons."