Just awww...

on Jul, 27 2012

Just awww...


there once was a man......

Once there was a man who died and went to hell.When he got
there he saw the devil sitting in a corner behind a big desk.He
walked over to him and said

" excuse me. "

" what is it? " said the devil " im a very busy man, i dont have
time for this "

" well i just died and..."

" yes,yes i understand just follow me i dont have time to
sentence you properly "

The devil lead the man to three doors and opened the first
one. Inside there was a man chained against a wall and a woman
standind on the other side with a whip, every couple of minutes
the woman would start lashing violently at the man until the man
was half dead. than like magic he would heal and it would start
all over again.

" no i dont want that one " the man said. And they went to the
next door.

Inside there was, again, a man chained against the wall and
like the other door there was a woman standing on the other side
of the room, but instead of a whip, she had a knife with jagged
spikes sticking out of the blade. every few minutes she would
lunge forward, stick the knife into the mans stomach and twist
it back and forth, than yank his organs out with it and it would
start over again after it healed.

the man gulped and said " no i dont want that one either "

So the devil lead him to the last door and opened it.
Inside this one there was ,again, a man and a woman, but this
time the man was not chained to the wall. instead he was
sprawled out comfortably on a chair. they were both naked. the
woman was giving him a blow-job.

the man suddenly said " i want that one! "

so the devil walked up to them tapped the woman on the
shoulder and said " your excused! "