Into the deep blue.

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Into the deep blue.


Never Winning Lottery

Every year at the state fair Fred entered the lottery for the
brand new truck and lost. This year, he told his friend Leroy,
he wasn't going to bother and enter.

"What kind of attitude is that?" Leroy asked. He leaned closer
and whispered, "What you need, pal, is faith. Look around and
see if the good Lord sends you a message."

Strolling around the fair, Fred grew more and more despondent as
the drawing neared. Nothing struck him, no divine inspiration,
no sign from God.

Finally, while he was passing old Mrs. Kelleher's pie stand, he
glanced over and saw the woman bending down. She wasn't wearing
any panties, and suddenly her ass began to glow. All of a
sudden, a finger of flame came from the skies and without her
even knowing it, used her ass as a notepad. The fiery finger
etched a seven on each cheek.

Thanking God, Fred rushed to the raffle booth and played the
number 77. A few minutes later, the drawing was held. And once
again, Fred lost. The winning number was 707.