If you didn't pass through here

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If you didn't pass through here


Bubba and Clinton

One day Bill Clinton had to go to thew bathroom while his body
guard (Bubba) was on duty. For some reason Bubba had to go piss
real bad so since he couldn't leave Bill's side he decided to go
with him.

Bubba and Bill started pissing together in the same toilet when
out of nowhere Bill asked, "How did you get such a big dick?!"

Bubba with a simple reply said, "Well sometimes while my woman
was sleeping I would get up so I beat my dick against the
bedpost. After I beat my dick against the bed post it would get
swelled up and, well, it would just stay that way."

"Hmm...that sounds like a pretty good idea." Clinton said. "I
think I'll try that."

So later on, sometime around midnight Clinton got up while
Hillary was sleeping and started to beat his dick against the
bed post. Hillary soon woke up. Without even turning the light
to see who it was she said, "Bubba is that you?"