I will never judge anyone based on how he looks again.

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She Knew What She Wanted

An out of work gentleman had answered the sex shop's job
advertisement and was being interviewed by the shop's owner.
"So, have you had any experience in this line of work?" asked
the shop owner.

"No, none," said the applicant.

"Well, that's okay," the owner said, and proceeded to tell the
young man that he was due in a meeting shortly and that he would
have the run of the shop to himself for a while.

"Wait a minute," the applicant said. "I just told you I don't
have any experience."

"That's okay," said the owner. "All you have to have really is a
little knowledge about dildos. For instance......this white one
here is 10 inches long and costs 15 dollars. And this black one
is 15 inches long and costs 25 dollars."

The young man thought to himself for a minute and told the owner
he could handle it. No sooner had the owner stepped out for his
meeting, then an attractive lady walked into the shop. "Excuse
me sir, could you help me find a dildo?", she asked.

"Why of course," the young man said. "We have a white one here
that is 10 inches long and costs 15 dollars. And we have a black
one beside it that is 15 inches long and costs 25 dollars."

The lady looked them over and said, "they're both nice, but how
much is that plaid one up on the top shelf?"

"Oh," the man explained, "that one is 50 dollars."

"I'll take it," she said, and walked out of the shop with her
new purchase.

An hour or so later, the owner returned and asked his new helper
how his first day was. "Did you sell any dildos," he asked.

"No," the young man answered, "but I got 50 bucks for my