I ruined my laptop, better take a pic

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I ruined my laptop, better take a pic



There were two guys who needed a place to stay, so they came to
a farmer's house. The farmer agreed to let them stay as long as
they didn't eat his vegetables and fruits. During the night, the
men got hungry and decided to sneak out anyway and get a bite to
eat from his garden. In the morning, the farmer knew what they
had done.
"I'll punish you," he promised. "Now, both of you go get
one hundred of your favorite fruit or vegetable out of the
garden and then come back." One of the men came back first, and
he had picked one hundred grapes. Then the farmer told him,"OK,
now shove one up your nose." The man did. "Now another." The man
started to protest, but the farmer pulled out a gun. "Put it
up!!" shouted the farmer. The man did, and then chuckled to
himself. "ANOTHER!" the man chuckled, and then did again. After
about five miniutes of this, the farmer had it. "Why are you
laughing?" he asked. The guy replied, "Man, my buddy's out there
picking watermelons!"