I'm immortal

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I'm immortal


Sex N Football

Do you remember primary school/junior high/high school? Do you
remember talking about 'the bases' with your friends?... Well
forget 'em!! This is **FOOTBALL**. With the all new standardized
guide to Football, you can forget any of the previous
complications of having to remember what second base was or any
of that shit. And you wonder why there is a strike in Baseball
and not Football! Quite simply, Baseball is a boring, confusing,
and often an ambiguous game especially when trying to compare it
to sexual experiences. Whereas Football was invented for the
soul purpose of understanding where you and your friends are at.
Basically the game of Football is one big sex metaphor. No one
has discovered that yet, but as you will soon see, the
complications of modern romance are easily solved here, in The
Original Handbook of Football!

Okay now for the yard lines. your 10 yrd ln.....holding hands "
20 yrd ln.....hugging " 30 yrd ln.....kiss on the cheek " 40 yrd
ln.....kiss on the mouth " 50 yrd ln.....tongue kiss (mid-field
means it's serious) his/her 40 yrd ln.....shirt and bra off
(feeling and carousing) 30 yrd ln.....all clothes off (genital
contact, mutual masturbation) 20 yrd ln.....oral sex 1st and
goal..put on the condom Goal line.....touchdown (sexual

Now for some important definitions:

Kickoff-- making the first move (asking for a date) Kicking it
deep-- asking out a virgin (starting out deep in your own end)
On-side kick-- asking out a slut/stud (starting out close to
mid-field) Kick returns-- how far you go on the first date
Downs-- attempt to get more yards (2 down and then you have to
punt again) -- you get an extra down in the NFL Running the
ball-- taking it a yard at a time Passing-- skipping stages /
yards Fumble-- impotency Fumble recovery-- regain erection
Interception-- going the other way (homosexuality) Turnover--
anal sex Field Goal-- only one of you has orgasm (she fakes it)
Touchdown-- mutual orgasm Extra point-- the smoke afterwards 2
point conversion-- a smoke and a phone # High Scoring
Game--multiple orgasms Rain delay-- Parents/ roomate comes back

Some important positions: Quarterback-- the most important
placement (missionary position) Quarterback sneak-- unusual
positions Hupper (center)-- doggie style Tight End--
self-explanatory Wide Receiver-- opposite of a tight end Nose
Tackle-- self-explanatory Running Back-- a hand off Defensive
Line-- protection (all forms) Break in the defense-- condom

Penalties: Roughing--S & M Holding-- rope burn or hand cuffs
Offside-- premature ejactulation

Other important terms: Pile up-- orgy Tackle-- kick in groin
(stopped) Miss the FG-- wide right, wide left, or short 3rd down
and inches-- call for yard stick (measurements) Superbowl--
marriage Grey Cup-- live in (not full status) Fiesta Bowl-- Sex
in South America

The Plays: Play 1. There was on an on-side kick to what I
thought was a wide receiver but it turned out to be a tight end,
so there was a turnover. Play 2. The ball was kicked deep with
no return. I ran the ball to mid-field but decided to go to the
passing game. The passing play didn't work because of a rain
delay. When the game resumed, the next down was when the running
back took it to the 10 yard line. With 1st and goal, the action
moved from the Hupper to the Quarterback and then thre was a
quarterback sneak. The game turned out to be the highest scoring
Fiesta Bowl ever!! Play 3. I was tacked in the massive pile
up... Play 4. It was 3rd down and inches on the 20 yard line but
on the Field Goal attempt I was short. Play 5. I was kicked out
of the pile up; I was holding and roughing.