I'm a model

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I'm a model


Up in Heaven

A petty thief, a teacher and a lawyer die and go to heaven.

When they get there they are stopped by St. Peter, who then says, "Sorry,
heaven's crowding up, so you need to answer a question correctly, or else you
can't get in."

He looks at the teacher, and asks her: "What was the name of the famous
ocean-liner that sank after hitting an iceberg?"
"Oh, that's easy," the teacher replied, "the Titanic." So St. Peter let her
into heaven.

Next he turned to the petty thief. "How many people died on that ship?" St.
Peter asked. "Oooh, that's tough, but I saw the movie, and it was 1,500." St.
Peter stepped away and the thief walked into heaven.

Finally, St. Peter turned to the lawyer.
He simply said to him: "Name them."