I found the G-spot!

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I found the G-spot!


Top 12 signs your surgeon may not be legit

12> His gown opens in back, showing nothing but naked flesh.

11> Uses a Ninja Turtles lunch box for a medical bag.

10> Announces he will be using anesthesia -- on himself.

9> Diploma reads, "Acme Institute of Home Surgery."

8> Follows a chart that has a large red arrow saying, "Begin here".

7> Says the word "oops!" a lot.

6> Two words: "Doogie Howser"

5> Refers to Gray's Anatomy with alarming frequency.

4> Touches up scalpel with knife sharpener before the incision.

3> Wears Platex Living Gloves to operate because they're "so thin he can pick up a dime".

2> Screams, "Prostate check! Ok, Buddy, feet out and spread 'em!"

1> Tells you to take off your clothes, puts on a Sinatra record.